Craft a Recycled Decoupage Coffee Table

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Before: A boring storage barrell
After: Fabbo wine-holding coffee table
I was having a fossick through the recycling centre last week and I found these cool storage bins. They're made from MDF and card and have a removable metal lid - perfect for craft projects! I headed home to make one heck of a cool coffee table using a super-easy craft technique called decoupage...

Cheat's Fudge Recipe

This is the Easiest Fudge Recipe Ever!

I lurve fudge but I have better things to do than stand over a pot of boiling milk for hours. This recipe is a mash up of another quick fudge recipe I found years ago with a few changes of my own. Greggs should be paying me a commission (if you're reading theis Greggs I'll accept a carton load of Caramel Coffee...) because their new Coffee with a Hint of Caramel adds a great flavor to this fudge taking the edge off the sweetness and bringing the slightest smell of creamy caramel to the fudge...mmm. Needless to say, this fudge goes great with a cup of caramel coffee.

Cut fudge into dainty squares - unless no-one's looking and you can make them HUGE!

Candle Making: The Cappucino Candle

Here's another cute candle idea. These make great gifts or cute centrepieces for your next high tea party.

Candle making ideas: the cappucino candle