How to Wrap a Gift

Gift Wrapping Tips and Ideas

Gift wrapping can feel like a lost art sometimes and with Christmas coming as well as a year full of birthdays, anniversaries and weddings it's time to brush up on those skills.

How to Wrap the Perfect Gift

This is for a small square object but will work for any object. I recommend putting any non-square gifts into a box to make it easier to wrap, transport and stack. Save a collection of small boxes such as cell phone boxes, cereal packs, tea boxes etc. to have handy for gift wrapping.
1. Cut out a square piece of wrapping paper (or fabric) at least twice the width of the box in each direction and place the gift diagonally on the paper.

2. Fold up the bottom

3. Using your thumb, tuck in the side so it sits flat along the edge of the gift

4. Fold over one side and stick it down

5. Fold over the other side and stick it down then fold in the top the same way you folded in the sides


Then fold over the tip and stick with double sided tape, fold the top piece over the gift and stick down. You should now have no tape at all showing and if you flip the gift over there's no seams or paper edges showing either.

Decorate with ribbon, string, coloured cord, lace, candy, lollipops, bells, stickers, seals, wax seals, fabric roses, miniature silk flowers, sequins, flat beads, stamps....the list is endless!

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