DIY Tools: What Tools do You Need for Crafting?

Here are some of the key tools you need for most DIY projects. Gather them together and keep them on their own desk or in a craft bag to make them easier to find.

A cheap, plastic toolbox is ideal for storing your crafting tools

  1. Dressmaker's Scissors: Buy the best quality you can afford and keep them hidden; use one pair for paper and card and one for fabric only. Extend your range to include shaped-blade scissors too.
  2. Glue Gun and assorted glue sticks in various colours
  3. Multi purpose glue such as 5 minute Araldite or super glue; look for a glue that works on fabric glass porcelain wood and metal
  4. PVA glue; use full strength or watered down for decoupage or paper
  5. Double sided tape
  6. Paper masking tape
  7. Ruler dressmaker's measuring tape and builder's tape measure
  8. Assorted pencils (try a 6B 3B HB and 2H) and erasor
  9. Permanent Markers in black, gold and silver
  10. Craft Knife; chose a good quality knife with a comfortable handle and change the blades whenever they get dull as dull blades are more likely to cause an injury. Use a cutting mat or old chopping board to protect your table
  11. Guillotine
  12. Tweezers: look for the long thin-ended tweezers ideal for handling small beads or repairing jewellery
  13. Small needle nose pliers: look for a small pair in your local hardware store instead of paying a fortune in a craft shop
  14. Assorted paint brushes and sponges: look for brushes in a variety of sizes and thinknesses as well as chisel, rounded and fan ends
  15. Needles and thread; buy a 100 pack of needles and a multi pack of threads
  16. Wire in assorted gauges
  17. Beading thread and fishing line
  18. Toothpicks and wooden skewers for mixing paints and glue
  19. Ice cream container lids for mixing paints and glue
  20. Old (empty) pill containers for loose beads, sequins and glitter
Other handy stand-bys

  1. Beads
  2. Sequins and sequin trim
  3. Glitter
  4. Buttons
  5. Feathers
  6. Trims
  7. Jewellery findings such as clasps and small o-rings
  8. Acrylic watercolour and oil paint
  9. Alphabet stamps and ink
  10. Blank cards and envelopes

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