How to Make Platters: Platter Ideas

How to Make Platters: Platter Ideas

What can I put on a nibble platter?
Mediterranean: Sun dried tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, anchovies, capers, hummus, Turkish bread, toasted pita pockets, stuffed pepper dews, dolmades, felafel, tzaziki (yoghurt dip), fresh tomatoes and grapes

Ploughman's Lunch: Aged cheddar, smoked and cream cheese, chutneys, hearty wholemeal bread chunks, pickles, tomato wedges, carrot and celery sticks.

Hot n Spicy Platter: Potato wedges, mini savouries, quiche slices, pizza pieces, felafel, meatballs, spicy chicken wings and dipping sauces such as tomato, Thai chili and yogurt sauces.

Piece of Provence: Brie, Camembert and blue cheese, grapes, baguette slices, asparagus spears, dried or fresh figs and dates.
Tzaziki Recipe
Tzaziki is a yoghurt dip recipe which goes great with Mediterranean and spicy foods, use fresh herbs from the garden and impress your guests with your culinary and gardening prowess!
1 cup greek yoghurt (or low fat unsweetened yoghurt)
1 small cucumber finely diced or grated
1/2 cup of fresh herbs shredded (parsley, mint, flat leaf parsley,dill or coriander)
Juice of half a squeezed lemon mixed with a teaspoon of tahini (sesame seed paste)
1 clove crushed garlic (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste 
Mix together and chill before serving as a dip or a sauce.  

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