Chocolate-Free Easter Ideas: Easter Pinata

Have an Easter Bash with a Homemade Pinata

Easter egg hunts are a great idea - if you want the kids running around with armloads of chocolate and getting high as kites on sugar! Instead of hiding easter eggs you could hide small toys, novelties, balloons or cute pieces of stationery. If the weather is going to be a bit dodgy why not make a pinata and hang it in the garage - have a bash yourself and burn off some hot cross bun calories...

To make an Easter Pinata you will need:

  • One Large Balloon
  • A couple old newspapers
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Acrylic or poster paints
  • Ribbon or cord for hanging pinata
  • Novelties, treats, small easter eggs or party favors

  • Blow up the balloon as large as it will comfortably go
  • Tear up the newspaper into strips about half an inch wide and 3-4 inches long
  • Make up a small quantity of the paste according to the instructions (about a cupfull)
  • Dip a strip of paper and stick it to the ballooon
  • Layers the strips of the balloon in a criss sross pattern until the whole balloon is covered in one layer of paper
  • Leave a small hole at the top where the knot in the balloon is about 2 inches across
  • Put the balloon in your hot water cupboard to dry overnight
  • Add another layer of strips and dry another night
  • Repeat with a third layer of strips and put the pinata in the hot water cupboard until it is dry and hard
  • Pop the balloon and pull it out of the pinata
  • Paint with acrylic or poster paints to look like an easter egg or get creative and make cardboard ears and legs to turn it into a bunny!
  • Fill with treats through the hole in the top
  • Make two small holes in the top to thread through some cord to hang the pinata with
  • I suggest hanging it from a tree outside to protect your furniture! Try the garage if it's raining
  • Blindfold one kid (or grown-up kid) at a time, hand them a baseball bat and duck for cover - have fun!

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