Easy Embellished Throws: A Simple Get Well Soon Gift this Winter

How to Make Easy Embellished Throws for a Get Well Soon Gift or a New Baby Gift

With winter chills around the corner in Nelson it's time to break out the warm fuzzies. I like to have a bunch of cute throws around the place for snuggling in front of the fire, TV or an extra layer when I'm snuggled up in bed with a good book. This embellished throw makes a cute Get Well Soon gift for a friend or find some pastel coloured polar fleece throws for a New Baby gift. 

To Make the Embellished Throw you will need:

A cheap throw or a 1.5m x 1.5m square (ish) of polar fleece fabric edged with a simple blanket stitch or hemmed on a sewing machine
Scraps of fabric (try leftovers from other home furnishings you've recently made or recycle a favourite t-shirt by cutting out the image on the front)
Thin knitting wool in a contrasting colour
A large darning needle
Ribbon (optional)

1. Start by making a template of the design you'd like to use and draw it onto a piece of card. Cut out and trace onto the back of your fabric scraps (alternatively you could cut a design freehand like I did with this heart).

2. Using wool and a large darning needle stitch the fabric onto a corner of the throw. You can use any stitch - this is one of those projects you want to look handmade and rough so the more "authentic" the better!

3. The reverse will have the outline of the design too...

4. For a gift, finish the blanket by neatly rolling it with the embellishment out and tie with a ribbon in a contrasting colour.

Suggested simple templates to try:

  • Hearts
  • Flowers and leaves
  • Ducks, Rabbits or Cats (for a New Baby Gift)
  • Music Notes
  • Abstract Paisly Shapes
  • Stars
  • Guitars/Violins

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