How to Make a Fur Wrap or Shrug

I made these faux fur shrugs for my bridesmaids using a faux fur blanket which was lined with polar fleece. I picked it up at a sale in a homeware store for far less than the cost of buying the fabric and polar fleece lining separately. Because of the way I cut up the blanket (it was 145cm long) the ends were already hemmed for me so I started at Step 3. 

The measurements for this are a guideline, feel free to adjust the length of the shrug to make the sleeves longer or shorter to suit your needs. You can also make the shrug wider so there's more fabric covering your back but it does tend to make the shrug look a little baggy and casual.These shrugs go great with faux fur muffs for a complete winter look.  
1. Cut a piece of faux fur and a piece of lining 145cm x 45cm in size

2. Put the two fabrics on top of each other so the front of the fabric (ie. the furry side of the fur) is facing inwards and stitch a 1cm hem along each of the short sides, flip the fabric back in the right way. 

For a cosy lining try polar fleece or another piece of faux fur or line with satin in the same colour as your evening dress for a polished, glam look.

3. Fold into a tube (see diagram above) and stitch together to make a tube shape leaving a gap of 61cm in the centre of the fabric. 

4. Hem the two fabrics around the edges of the gap. You can use a sewing machine or I did it fairly quickly by hand sewing a blanket stitch in black cotton which was hidden by the fur

5. Try on your shrug! You can also wear the shrug as a wrap by not putting your arms in the holes and wearing it over your shoulders (see picture below). Make the matching faux fur muffs too!
Fur wrap worn as a shrug with sleeves
Fur wrap worn as a wrap

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