Button Hair Barrettes

Here's a cool idea which doesn't need much instruction but these hair barrettes are super simple to make and super cute.

For the Button Hair Barrette You Need:

Assorted buttons or large beads
Hair Barrette Clip (base)
Hot glue gun and glue
Coloured Thread

Lay out a variety of buttons and play with designs. 
This design works best with 5-6 buttons laid three in a row (and two up)

Run coloured thread through the buttonholes for contrast and knot behind the button. 
When you glue the barrette together the knot will be hidden.

Glue the centre button onto the middle of a barrette clip with a hot glue gun. 

Glue the other two buttons on each side with hot glue and voila!

For a more complex look cut out a base shape from plastic (try reusing a clear plastic lid from a container) and cover with buttons filling in the gaps with seed beads. 

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