DIY Feather Handbag

Recycled Feather Trimmed Handbag
I was naughty and didn't take photos making this project because I was curled up in front of the TV with the hot glue gun and a roaring fire!
This is a great way to revamp a tired or stained old clutch purse or handbag, because the feathers cover all the fabric you can cover up a multitude of damage! Look for '80s clutch purses in your local op shop, add a handle made from and old necklace and cover it all up with some luxe embellishments. 

Here's how I made my feather handbag:
  1. I took an old handbag covered in sequins and picked off the sequins.
  2. I trimmed some feathers to fit the bag and glued them straight onto the bag with hot glue.
  3. I trimmed the next layer of feathers about 3cm shorter and stuck them over the top.
  4. And to finish I glued on some beaded braid to cover the tops of the feathers. 
  5. The hardest bit was taking the sequins off!

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