Customised Keds

 My Customised Keds!

I picked up these plain sneakers from The Warehouse in the style of white Keds and customised them with diamentes and fabric roses. They already had the black and white scroll design on them so I worked with it by adding some sparkle with diamentes glued on with PVA fabric craft glue. It took overnight for everything to set but by the next day it was perfect!

Here are some tips:

  • Use a quality craft glue that sticks fabric and plastic
  • Hold items on with plstic pegs until they stick (wooden pegs can stick to the glue and make a mess!)
  • Leave to dry overnight in a warm, dry place
  • If you want to waterproof your design try a can of Scotchguard (patch test your shoe first in case the spray reacts with the fabric)
  • Add variety by getting coloured shoelaces - or buy two different coloured pairs and mix them up

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