Mothers Day Seed Bucket Gift

Make a Mother's Day Gift for the Mother with Everything!

Here's a quick project for a little gift that works well for those moms who seem to have everything. You could also adapt it for other small gifts like toiletries, home made candies or cookies or your own jewellery or accessories

I used a small bucket from a discount store (it was NZ$1.99) and bought some alphabet stickers from a scrap booking store. I bought a mixture of ready sow seeds in unusual varieties, you could also get ready sow wildflowers (they go straight into the ground rather than needing to be started in pots). For beginner gardeners look for carrots, radishes and rocket on seed tape which is super easy to sow and grow.

I used tissue to line the bucket and make the packets stand up straight and to finish the gift I wrapped the bucket in cellophane and fastened with a ribbon. Here's the finished look minus the cellophane...

Seeds are the Mothers Day gift idea that will grow on you...

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