Craft Project: How to make Candles from Old Candles

Tips on How to Recycle Old Candles

You can make candles using the wax from old candles - you can even reuse the wicks! Here's how I made recycled candles using some old white floating candles. Remember if you're planning on recycling coloured candles the more you mix the colours the more you'll end up with a grey-brown candle wax! A better plan is to keep an eye out for discount white candles (search the dusty bargain bins) or look for half-used white candles in garage sales or on Trade Me going for next to nothing.

To craft these candles you will need:
  • Old candles
  • Sharp knife (a filleting knife or knife with a pointed end is best)
  • Chopping board
  • Some cans, emptied, washed and dried
  • A saucepan with a steamer attachment (see picture)
  • Crayons (optional)
  • Moulds for your candles
1. Carefully cut up your old candle, if you cut around the wick as closely as you can you should be able to crumble the wax around the wick and pull it out from the candle to reuse

Old wicks ready to be reused


2. Melt the wax in a tin with in a double boiler

 3. Colour with a piece of crayon if the wax is white
4. Stir with a disposable stirrer (wooden ice cream sticks or skewers are ideal) until fully liquid
5. Set the wick into the mould

 6. Slowly (to prevent bubbles forming) pour into the mould of your choice
 7. Leave to set on a level surface until completely cooled and solid and remove from the mould (if it's a silicone mould or you plan to keep it) or cut away the mould if you've used an old plastic container.

Star Cupcake Candle Craft Project

General Crafting Safety Warning:
Stoves are hot and stuff! Don't burn yourself on them because it hurts and sucks. If you burn yourself put the burnt area under cold water for 10 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes and seek medical help. You may also wish to hire someone to supervise you in the future. 

General Crafting Safety Warning 2: Candles are hot! The are flamey and have burny bits. Never leave a candle unattended or your dinner guests may place "napkin chicken" accross the table whereby they set fire to your $20 paper napkins and throw them across the table - the looser is the one who catches fire before someone can put out the flames with the Moet you were saving to impress your inlaws...

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