How to Make Your Own Collage Photos for Snapfish, Winkflash or YourPix

How to Make Photo Collages 101

I love playing around with photos but those pre-made collage templates drive me nuts! Here's how you can make your own collages to use in your projects on Snapfish (or Winkflash or YourPix) and make those personal projects a little more personal. 

To Make a Photo Collage on Publisher You will need:

  • Your digital photos loaded and saved onto your PC or laptop
  • Microsoft Publisher with ClipArt (or download some appropriate clipart online)

Step 1. Open a new Publisher file, you don't need to save it unless you want to make changes at a later date

Step 2. Insert your photo/s by clicking on "Insert" in the toolbar at the top, then "Picture" then "From file..."

Step 3. Have a play around with collage and design. You can add text, paste in more pictures or use clipart borders. For this picture below I scanned some fabric with my scanner and saved it as a jpeg file (use as high a resolution as possible) and used that as my background. 

 Tip: For best results keep your design within a regular-shaped rectangle as this will fit into Snapfish templates easier. 

Step 4. Highlight all the objects on the page (Click the left hand mouse button and drag over the entire page to select all objects) and click on the "group" icon

Step 5. Right click on your grouped objects and select "Save as picture". Save the picture as a jpeg and chose the highest dpi you can (300 dpi is the quality you'll need to print photos).

Step 6. Head to your photo printing website of choice and when you download your photos you'll be able to load up the jpeg collage image and use it in your projects. I use my collages photos to make customised album covers (Snapfish only let you use one photo on an album cover) or just print them off as standard photos and save the extra cost of getting collage prints!

My finished jpeg file made from a photo, a scanned image and three clipart images

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