About Making Bread

Key Ingredients in Bread

  • Yeast is the rising agent in bread. When yeast is added to liquid and sugar and warmed it makes gasses which cause the bread to rise.
  • Sugar activates the yeast, sweetens the bread, helps the crust brown and softens the texture of the bread. You can use white or brown sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup or fruit juice
  • Flour forms the bulk of the bread. To make a loaf the rises well, you need a flour with a high protein content like high grade flour rather than a low protein flour like standard or plain flour which is better suited to biscuit and cake making.For a healthier load use a 50/50 mix of white and wholemeal flour or add 1/4 cup of bran to your white loaf mix.
  • Liquids mix with the proteins in the flour and make gluten which is needed to help the bread rise; too much liquid will cause the loaf to collapse and too little will prevent the loaf from rising at all. As well as water you could use fruit juices, beer or milk. 
  • Salt adds flavour and controls the rising action of the yeast but too much salt will stop the loaf from rising so measure it carefully.
  • Fats such as margarine, butter or oil add flavour to the bread and keep the cooked loaf moist.

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