Craft a Custom Rock Blazer

This is quick craft project I threw together in an hour with a $5 budget and an old blazer from Glassons that someone gave me a year ago. The blazer was a boring old single button blazer that never quite sat well across the 'girls' - it needed to be a little bit wider and a little bit more interesting!

A simple but badly fitting one-button blazer

Step 1. I removed the button and measured the sides to sew on the hooks and eyes. Taking a ruler and a chalk, I measured up the sides of the blazer in 2cm intervals to put on the hooks

Hook and Eye Closure

 Step 2. I stitched on the hooks with black thread

Step 3. I ironed on the ROCK craft transfers which I bought in a two pack from the $2 shop. Just lay the transfer down on the fabric and iron with a medium heat setting until the transfer is firmly stuck in place.

Step 4. I took an old chain necklace, cut it into 4 pieces and threaded one end of the pieces onto a large jump ring which I then attached to an old faux diamond dress ring. 

 Step 5. To make the pin at the other end I got two pairs of pliers and unwound a standard pin, threaded on the four chain lengths separated by beads and put the safety pin back together.

Done! To wear, I undo the pin and pin it to the opposite side of the jacket through the old button hole. 

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