Feta and Spinach Loaf

Bread Making: How to Make a Feta and Spinach Loaf 

Feta and spinach are a dream combination and taste amazing in everything. I convince myself the healthiness of the leafy green spinach balances out the fat in the cheese!

Take one basic dough mixture and roll out into a large rectangle onto a floured baking tray until about 1-2cm thick

Roughly chop the fresh spinach leaves (or defrost some chopped frozen spinach) and scatter over the bread leaving a 1cm border

Crumble half a block (125grams) of feta and sprinkle over the chopped spinach leaves

Roll up the dough into a tight log and use a little water on the dough border at the end to "stick" the dough shut

You can bake the log whole as one loaf or take a sharp knife and slice into 3cm thick slices and then tuck each slice into a Texan muffin pan and spray with water

Proof the log or slices in their muffin pan in a 50-90 degree (celcius) oven

Sprinkle a little grated cheese or more crumbled feta over the slices and bake in a 180 degree oven for 10-15 mins or until a bread makes a hollow sound when you pull it out the tin and tap it

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