Growing Tomatoes from Seed: Update (Rant)

So I planted my little seeds and had them in the mini-greenhouse ready to sprout into baby plants and then it hit; a massive cold snap of weather across NZ that covered everywhere from Christchurch to Auckland in snow. I mean, even 'never-heard-of-winter' Auckland had snow?!
So in a mad panic I pulled the babies inside and put them on top of the (unlit - had the heater on) fireplace to keep them warm. Within twenty minutes the cats had gone barmy and decided to have a giant play fight in the lounge to kill time and THIS happened...!

Gardening DIY Disaster: When Burmese Strike

I like how they managed not only to take out my tomato plants but potting mix all over my seat cushions waiting to be recovered. $%&*^%*&!! So for the third day in a row I have to vaccuum - bleah

Playing dead will not get you out of this one!!!
 So, a second batch of seeds is now on the way to becoming my bumper crop of tomatoes - fingers crossed and I have one more piece of gardening advice: sell your pets.

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