Growing Tomatoes from Seed

I'm not the most green fingered of people, I love the idea of a garden full of fresh fruit and vegetables but the thought of spending hours every weekend pulling up weeds bores the heck out of me! One thing I do love is tomatoes - I live off them throughout the summer...autumn, winter and spring! So to get started for the next season of tomato indulging I planted my seeds this week. 

I used a mixture of old seedling containers and some egg cartons with a few drainage holes punched into the bottom. I filled the trays with Yates Black Magic seedling mix and watered it until damp, I placed the seeds along the top and lightly sprinkled some more Black Magic over to cover them. To water my seeds I'm using a spray bottle filled with a dilute mixture of Yates Black Magic Seed Fertiliser and until they sprout they're living in my little greenhouse on the balcony. I'll keep you updated on my seed progress, in the meantime has anyone had any luck with those Root Blast products on their tomato plants?

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