How to Make Bread

 More Bread Making Tips:

Use the dough cycle on your breadmaker to fast foward breadmaking then shape it into your specialty loaves

Add flavourings to a plain dough such as finely diced onion, herbs, chopped dried fruit or tomato paste (not all together!) at the start of the mixing stage

Make a large batch of dough and cut off a third to make a pizza base which you can pre-cook with your loaf (remember it will cook much faster), cool and freeze to use another day

In a hurry? Bread rolls will cook much faster than a large loaf or consider making two mini-loaves

Place your bread rolls into a texan muffin pan to keep their shape - it also stops the cheese in scroll buns from leaking out onto the tray

Use a non stick cookie sheet to cook your loaf on - especially if you add cheese as it's a nightmare to clean baked cheese off a standard tin sheet

Wait 15 minutes before cutting into your freshly baked loaf and store on the bench wrapped in a clean teatowel until the loaf is completely cooled and can be transferred to an airtight container (if there's any left by then)

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