Craft Project: How to Make a Candle: Birthday Cupcake Candle

Candle Making Craft Projects Note
For background info on candle making check out: How to reuse old candles, how to melt candle wax and how to prepare a candle wick - this project will skip repeating those instructions so if you get lost at any point refer to the previous articles. 

For this Candle Craft Project you will need:

Mould Wax (new or recycled)
Candle color (commercial dye or wax crayons)
Standard birthday candles (the kind you get in the supermarket)
Muffin, friand or mini flan mold, in silicone or heat proof material (see picture below)
Silicone ice cube mold (I used a star shaped one)

1. Start by making the centre of the birthday "cake". Melt some wax and colour it to make the star shape. Pour gently into the silicone ice cube mold until it's 80% full and, when the wax is nearly set, stick the birthday candle into the centre and leave to fully set.  

Stabilise the candles with wooden skewers to stop them tipping over while the wax sets

Tip: Don't push the candle too hard because it starts to melt at the base and it will keep going into the hot wax!

2. Top up the mold with more wax to cover any mess from inserting the candle

3. Leave to set. Unmold the cooled star shape and sit it in the centre of your flan dish or muffin cup. If you're making a deep-sided muffin you may need to pour a layer of wax in first so the top of the star is level with the top of your "cupcake"

This star shape was made with a standard wick instead of a birthday candle but both need to go into the centre of the mold for the next step.
 4. Pour in another color wax ("cake" colours like brown, cream or orange are good) until it nearly reaches the level of your center shape. Leave to cool.

A completed cupcake candle and one waiting to be "iced"
5. Make up another color wax for the "icing", this is a chance to use a really bright color like pink, green or blue! Pour a thin layer of "icing" wax onto the candle to fill in the dip around the wick, take care not to overfill the mold and cover up your star in the middle. 

6. Leave to cool and harden then unmold your candle. To give as a gift you could put the candle into a cupcake box or inside a coloured paper cupcake wrap (just remember to let the receiver know they need to remove the candle from the paper before lighting it!)

Craft Project Complete: Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!...

 General Crafting Safety Warning:
Stoves are hot and stuff! Don't burn yourself on them because it hurts and sucks. If you burn yourself put the burnt area under cold water for 10 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes and seek medical help. You may also wish to hire someone to supervise you in the future. 

General Crafting Safety Warning 2: Candles are hot! The are flamey and have burny bits. Never leave a candle unattended or your dinner guests may place "napkin chicken" accross the table whereby they set fire to your $20 paper napkins and throw them across the table - the looser is the one who catches fire before someone can put out the flames with the Moet you were saving to impress your inlaws...

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