Craft Project: How to Make a Star Cluster Candle

 Candle Making Craft Project Tips

For background info on candle making check out: How to reuse old candles, how to melt candle wax and how to prepare a candle wick - this project will skip repeating those instructions so if you get lost at any point refer to the previous articles. 

Craft yourself this cute Star Cluster Candle

To make the Star Cluster Candle you will need: 

  • Mould Candle wax (new or recycled)
  • Prepared wick 
  • Coloring (candle wax dye or crayons)
  • Candle Mold
  • Star ice cube tray/ chocolate mold (silicone is best)

1. Start by making the wax star shapes to go into the candle. Melt three separate tins of wax and color with three different colors. Pour slowly into the star mold

Assemble your molds and colors you plan to use
 2. Top up the stars after they set to fill in any holes in the wax as it settles. Leave to set and pop the stars out of the mold

3. Arrange the stars in your candle mold around the wick. When you are happy with the arrangement, slowly pour in some white (or a contrasting color) wax to set the arrangement. Tilt the mold from side to side to ensure the wax settle in every airspace. You may need to do several top-ups as the was cools to fill in any air pockets. 

Stars arranged in mold after first layer of wax is added

4. Leave the candle to cool then remove from the mold and trim the wick. 

Completed craft projects: Cute Cake-inspired Candles!

General Crafting Safety Warning:
Stoves are hot and stuff! Don't burn yourself on them because it hurts and sucks. If you burn yourself put the burnt area under cold water for 10 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes and seek medical help. Put a fire extinguisher on your Christmas list - it's better than socks.

General Crafting Safety Warning 2: Candles are hot! The are flamey and have burny bits. Never leave a candle unattended or your dinner guests may place "napkin chicken" accross the table whereby they set fire to your $20 paper napkins and throw them across the table - the looser is the one who catches fire before someone can put out the flames with the Moet you were saving to impress your inlaws...

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