How to Craft Flag Bunting

To Craft these Bunting Flags You will need:

Several printed cotton fabrics in a variety of complimentary prints (try the quilting fabrics in your local craft store)
White or natural calico
3 metres of matching satin ribbon
1 metre of lace
Cardboard to transfer the printed templates onto
Craft spray paint or acrylic paint

Copy and paste the template into Publisher (or any other programme with rulers) and increase the size until the top of the template is 17cm wide. Print and cut out. To make it easier to trace around the template transfer it onto card first. 

Trace the template onto the fabrics until you have cut out 6 printed triangles and 6 plain calico triangles

How to Craft the Bunting Flag Borders

Spray the templaet with a fabric craft spray paint

 To make the prayer flag inspired borders on the calico triangles trace the smallest template onto a piece of card, stick some double sided tape around the edges and stick on the lace so it hangs over the edge of the card. You can then place the stencil over the calico triangle and spray paint or sponge the edges. When you pull away the template the outline of the lace pattern will remain. Leave to dry for several hours (check times on the paint can) before continuing with the sewing.

Arrange the triangles on the floor until you get an arrangement you like, remember you will need to arrange both sides of the bunting

Arranging the bunting

Pin the triangles together pattern side facing inwards and sew down the sides, leaving the tops open. 
I use a simple straight stitch.

Bunting pinned and ready to sew

Open the triangles out the right way and poke a pointy thing (knitting needle, pencil etc.) down the end to get the point out and iron the triangles flat

Iron the bunting well so it sits flat

Pin the triangles to the ribbon, you will need about a 120cm piece of ribbon, and sew along the bottom of the ribbon

Sewing ribbon to the top of the bunting

Pin a second piece of ribbon onto the other side and sew again, then sew along the top of the ribbon

To finish off the ends fold over the ribbon and sew a button on each side of the bunting chain

To hang you can put a pin through the button holes or attach Blu Tak to the buttons and stick the bunting onto a window where it can be seen from both sides.

Craft Project Complete! Finished Bunting

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