Craft Project: How to Make Floating Candles with a Cat Food Dish

Floating Candles for Centrepieces Craft Project

Floating candles make a great centrepiece on the dinner table or for a special occaision. The secret to making floating candles is in having a larger surface area below the water than above; this is why floating candles have a rounded bottom and are often flatter in shape. I found the perfect shaped mold is a cat food dish. Just remember to feed the cat first - My Burmese patiently sat watching the wax cool for half an hour thinking he had an extra meal on the bench. His other food bowl was on the floor full of boring old cat food but obviously my candles looked much tastier!

If you gonna take my food dish I'm gonna hog the lapotop...
To craft these floating candles you will need:
  • Candle wax (either recycled candles or a block of wax)
  • Candle color (such as a commercial candle dye or wax crayons)
  • Wick and sustainer base (metal wick tab)
  • Rounded bottom plastic cat food dish (see picture)
  • Silicone ice cube tray or chocolate moulds (optional)
  • Double boiler and cans

1. Melt the wax for your decorations and add some color; either a small amount of wax dye or a piece of crayon. Color the wax with small quantities of color (you can always add more) and test the color by dipping in a wooden ice cream stick to see the color of the wax when it sets. 

2. Slowly pour the wax into your chosen chocolate or silicone molds and leave to set. Remove from the molds and put aside.

Tip: Pour slowly so bubbles don't form, leave ten minutes then top up where the wax has dipped in the middle of the mold

3. Grease the cat food dish with a small amount of oil (I use cooking oil), prepare the wick and set it into the base
Wicks sitting in the base of a cat food bowl ready for wax to be poured

4. Pour in a small layer of wax until the gap between the top of your bowl and the wax is a little bigger than the thickness of your wax shapes. Leave to set.

Tip: Use chopsticks or skewers to hold the wick upright as the wax sets
 5. Arrange your coloured wax shapes around the wick and sit them on the wax layer

6. Carefully pour over another layer of wax to set the shapes into the candle - take care not to pour too much wax on or your little shapes will drown!

7. Leave to cool and completely set before gently squeezing the mould to release the candle, it should pop out when you tip the mold over and tap in onto a towel on the bench (the towel will stop the wax chipping).

8. Test your floating candle by filling a bowl with water and let it go!

Craft Project Complete! My Finihed Floating Candle
Stoves are hot and stuff! Don't burn yourself on them because it hurts and sucks. If you burn yourself put the burnt area under cold water for 10 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes and seek medical help. You may also wish to hire someone to supervise you in the future. 

General Crafting Safety Warning 2: Candles are hot! The are flamey and have burny bits. Never leave a candle unattended or your dinner guests may place "napkin chicken" accross the table whereby they set fire to your $20 paper napkins and throw them across the table - the looser is the one who catches fire before someone can put out the flames with the Moet you were saving to impress your inlaws...

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