Make Your own Canvas Print

Here's a quick project I threw together with a canvas, some fabric leftover from the wedding and a wedding photo printed onto transfer paper.

For this project you will need:

  • A plain, stretched canvas
  • A piece of fabric big enough to cover the canvas
  • A piece of plain white cotton
  • Transfer paper
  • Staple gun
  • Buttons (optional)

To transfer your photo onto the plain fabric follow the instructions on your transfer paper packet. Print your photo out (check to see if you need to reverse the image and select mirror print) and iron it onto the white cotton fabric. 

Lay the canvas down onto the printed fabric (print side down) and trace around the canvas, allow a border wide enough to wrap the fabric around the back of the canvas and cut out the fabric. Give the fabric a good iron before you stitch on the photo (if you iron it after the photo is on you risk un-transferring the transfer).

Stitch the photo onto the fabric (I centred the photo onto the fabric but you'll find it will be easier to put the photo on an angle) using a contrasting thread. To make the corners a little neater you can sew on a couple buttons.

Lay down the canvas onto the back of the fabric and staple the fabric to the frame starting with opposite sides.

Fold in the corners and staple in place and cut off any excess fabric. 

 If you want you can staple another piece of fabric over the back to cover the staples. Hang on a small picture hook or, for a larger canvas, staple on some picture hanging wire to make it easier to hang. 

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  1. Nice tutorial there. It really is easy to follow. I could use this sometime.

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