Recipe Bunting Craft Project

How to Make Recipe Flag Bunting

This bunting makes a great housewarming craft project; match it to their kitchen colors and include their favourite recipes

This craft project is a great way to pay homage to your favourite family recipes and you can also use this technique for a special anniversary, birthday or wedding event by transferring photos onto the fabric - a bunting family tree! Better still, you can add new family members simply by making a new bunting triangle.  

First you will need to make a set of  flag bunting following the instructions in the Bunting Craft Project then you can start to put your recipes onto the fabric. 

Download the bunting text template below and print it off on your printer to make sure it fits inside your bunting triangles.

Open a word art text box and type in each word of text. I used the stencil font and changed the colours of the text to match the fabrics I used. 

Preparing the text for the transfer craft paper

Do a test print on plain paper and check against your bunting for fit and colour matching. I try to fit as many templates to the page - at $3 a sheet each you want to make the most of the transfer paper!

Fitting text boxes (Triangles!) to the craft paper

Check the type of transfer paper you have (look at the instructions) some will transfer like a sticker so the image will stick face side up on the fabric and iron on others will transfer like a temporary tattoo so you will need to reverse the image. Go into your printer settings and select "mirror print" to reverse the printed image if you need to.
Print the final copy onto transfer paper and leave to dry for 30 mins (don't touch the printed parts or they will smudge!)

Ironing the transfer paper to your craft bunting

Following the instructions on your transfer paper packet, iron the image to your bunting fabric

Slowly peel the craft paper backing from the bunting

Once the paper comes off easily and the pattern is stuck to your bunting, hang it in the kitchen and admire your handy work!

Completed bunting section with craft transfer

Completed bunting recipes waiting to be sewn together with ribbon

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