Craft Disaster: Epic Sewing Fail

Okay, I will admit I'm no virtuoso on the sewing machine. I can whip up craft projects here and there with ease as long as it doesn't involve fitting anything to my body. I don't know why but when God was handing out the bodies she got sidetracked with mine and made my stomach three sizes too big and my butt and boobs non-existent which means nothing ever seems to fit. So when I picked up this great little Stitch n' Save pattern by McCalls I must have had a moment of mental madness thinking it would fit me straight off the pattern. The result is not pretty.

After three hours of fiddling and sewing and adding gussets and taking away gussets I thought I was done. Until I flipped the top of the dress in the right way and realised the skirt was stitched on inside out. Crap. So then I unpicked the skirt, resewed it on, tried on the dress and realised it looked utterly TERRIBLE! sigh. Stay tuned for the next time I tackle this darn "easy" dress pattern and win!! In the meantime have a laugh at this... I open the packet and out falls a dress just like the one in the picture right?

I don't know which is worse; the bloopy muffin top in the middle or the shoulder straps that wont stay up!
What the? I could fit my backpack  under my dress!
Part 2 of the Epic Sewing Fail....

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