The Gentle Art of Yarn Bombing

Graffiti knitting or yarn bombing as it's also known is the latest trend in installation art - or a sign that crafters around the globe have gone mad. Here's some shots from the efforts of Nelson craft group: Graffiti Knitters this weekend celebrating the Rugby World Cup by making jumpers for trees and bicycle stands. What next? Boy racing in mobility scooters?

Crafty tree surround outside the Farmers building in Nelson Central

Graffiti knitters in action - knitting a lamppost takes rather a lot longer than spray paint...

Arts and Crafts take to the trees

Yarn Bombing outside Nelson Provincial Museum

More Yarn Bombing outside Nelson Provincial Museum

In downtown Nelson  graffiti is a shawl thing...
Save a fortune on craft exhibition signage and get grandma to whip this up

And finally, a yarnbombed bus in Mexico...

Knittabus by Magda Sayeg: Craft Genius
Followed by a yarn bombed tank - squeeeeeeeel! I LOVE it!!!!I WANT ONE!!!!!!

Charity knitters decide to step up their efforts by knitting tanks for third world nations...

For more inspiration check out the Yarn Bombing blog

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