Craft a Recycled Decoupage Coffee Table

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Before: A boring storage barrell
After: Fabbo wine-holding coffee table
I was having a fossick through the recycling centre last week and I found these cool storage bins. They're made from MDF and card and have a removable metal lid - perfect for craft projects! I headed home to make one heck of a cool coffee table using a super-easy craft technique called decoupage...

To craft this decoupage coffee table you will need:

  • Storage barrel or an old coffee table
  • Paper for decoupage such as wrapping paper, sheet music, newspaper, photos, craft paper etc.
  • Spray-on glue (I used 3M multi purpose glue)
  • Dry rub-on temporary tattoos
  • Paint brush
  • Clear polyurethane

1. First I removed excess labels and loose tape off the barrel and gave the barrel a wipe down with a dry cloth. This is a good project to do outside because the glue and polyurethane need to be used in a well ventilated area.

2. Spray a sheet of paper with glue and stick it on. Stick the middle of the sheet on first and smooth it out to the edges. I lined the sheets up with the top of the barrel so they sat neatly along the edge but you could let them all overhang and trim with a craft knife later

Just spray with a little craft glue...
3. Keep layering on the sheets until the barrel is covered.

...and stick! (I also used the PVA craft glue in the background to touch up the edges)
4. Use the dry rub-on tattoos to decorate the barrel. Peel off the backing and press down with your nail to stick. You could also add stickers or paint on details. Just remember if you use anything too thick you may get bubbles around the joins when you polyeurthane the surface.

Add details with dry rub-on tattoos; they're great for paper craft projects
5. Brush over a thin layer of polyurethane. Work slowly so you don't make bubbles and smooth the layer out thinly so it doesn't run. Leave to dry over night (and hide from the pets or it will go furry!!)

6. Add 2-3 more coats of polyurethane until you are happy with the final look. Remember to leave the barrel to dry overnight between coats (check the tin but most need 10-12 hours drying time). Add 1-2 extra coats onto the lid as this surface will have the most wear.

If you get paint drips or bubbles, sand the dry surface with a fine grade sandpaper before you paint on the next coat of polyurethane

 7. Clip the lid back on and admire your furniture-making genius!

My crafty coffee table!

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