How to Make a Half Apron

Here's an apron I made without a pattern - not a bad attempt! I got distracted and forgot to take photos as I was going along so here are my picture-less instructions for making a half apron with frill trim. 

I strated with a piece of lining in the approximate size I wanted the final apron to be. Folding it in half I cut a curve (through both sides at once to make it even) through the bottom of the apron.

I pinned the lining to the fabric and cut it to shape

To make the pockets I cut four circles of fabric (2 lining and 2 top) and cut across the top to make the pocket opening

I cut out two cupcake shapes from my top fabric, folded over and ironed down a 1cm border around the shape and pinned it to the front of each pocket. I stitched them on with a tight zig zag stitch. 

I pinned the pocket and lining together (face side in), stitched around the edges and flipped them in the right way. 

Then I pinned the pockets to the front of the apron (the patterned fabric) and stitched them on with a little straight stitch. 

To make the frill I cut strips of fabric 8cm wide and double the length of the apron from one side to the other side where the frill will go. I folded the fabric in half (so the patter is on both sides of the frill) and ironed it down. Then I based the whole strip of fabric with long, loose stitches so I could gather the fabric. 
I pinned the gathered fabric to the edge of the apron (the front of the patterned fabric but facing up - when you turn the apron inside out later on it will face down again) and spread out the gatheres evenly. I stitched the frill twice; once with a small straight stitch to hold it in place and again with a zig zag to stop the fabric fraying.

Next I pinned the front of the apron to the lining (again, face side in) and stitched around the bottom and sides but left the top edge open.The frill sits on the inside pointing upwards so when the apron is turned back out the the frill hangs down.

I made a wasit band/ ties out of a strip of fabric which I sewed into a tube face sides in, flipped out the right way and ironed flat.

 I pinned the waist band to the top of the apron and stitched it into place.

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