Craft Ideas: Tatted Lace Flower Corsage Brooch

Tatting is a type of handmade lace. It looks a bit like crochet but it's far more delicate and intricate. Too often pieces of tatting end up as doilies under a dusty vase in grandma's house which seems like an incredible waste of such an amazing craft; here is another craft idea for using tatted pieces.

Tatted lace flower corsage

I found these little bits of tatting in a box at a second hand store and thought they'd had way to much time, effort and love go into them to be thrown away. They spent the week in a bath of fabric stain remover and came out in pretty shades of white and yellow (not cream like I thought!). This craft idea uses the same techniques as the Lace and Couture Shoes project from my DIY Wedding Crafts blog. 

To Make the Lace Corsage Brooch you will need:

Two tatted doilies
  • 3-4 small circle-shaped pieces of tatting, lace or crochet (about the size of the rim of a glass)
  • 3-4 shot glasses or similar shaped objects (see instructions below)
  • Clingfilm and newspaper
  • White craft glue (aka PVA glue) or water-based fabric glue
  • Craft glue gun (hot glue)
  • Brooch pin
  • Beads and wire (optional)

1. Clean the pieces of tatting if needed (I soaked them in Sard stain remover and rinsed them in cold water - don't use hot water or they may shrink!). Leave to dry.

2. Cover the shot glasses in cling film and put them upside down on some newspaper

3. Mix 4 parts white glue to 1 part water in a shallow dish. Dip a piece of tatting into the bowl and squeeze out the excess liquid. Drape over a shot glass to make a "cup" shape when dry. Leave the tatting pieces to dry fully. 

Dipping the tatted lace into the watered-down glue mixture

Stay tuned for next week when we make lace hats for shot glasses....
  4. When dry, remove the tatted circles from the shot glasses. They should now be stiff and hold their shape. If they're still floppy then use less water in the glue mixture next time. 

5. To make the flower, heat up the glue gun and nest the lace "cups" inside each other sticking each layer down with a blob of hot glue on the base. Flip the flower over and squirt some more hot glue onto the base to go down through the layers and stick the flower together. 

6. Glue on the brooch pin

7. Decorate by gluing on beads or crystals if you wish or by threading come beads onto a wire and gluing to the underside of the tatted flower.

Gluing beaded wire to the underside of the flower corsage
Completed tatted flower corsage

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  1. It is pretty! It reminds me of something under the sea, like a delicate piece of coral.