Crafty Clutch Purse a la Gok Wan

Steal Gok Kwan's clutch purse idea with this quick craft tutorial. 

With a clutch this bling I need a manicure!!

To Make the Gok Wan-Inspired Clutch Purse you will need:

  • An old glasses case
  • Some embellishments
  • A crafting glue gun or craft glue
In his series Look Good Naked Gok has an inspired moment where hea takes a standard glasses case, glues on a belt buckle and makes a clutch purse. His idea is cute and I'll even forgive the fact the parts he used (case and belt) actually cost more than buying a ready-made clutch (doh) becuase I've borrowed the idea again and worked a cheaper version. Though, admittedly, I'm not as happy with the fianl result as I thought. I'm having a bad embellishment day...

1. Give your glasses case a quick wipe clean and remove any bits you don't want like the ugly "clasp" on this one.

Take one glasses case...and make a Gok Wan inspired clutch!

2. Glue on your fabbo embellishments. I used a strip of sequin trim to cover the brand name on the case and finished the clasp off with jewels.

3. All done! If you use a craft glue gun you can be out the door in 5 minutes - gotta love that!


Glasses case: 50 cents from a second hand store
Embellishments: $0 (random leftovers from another project)
Hot Glue: 20 cents (about  half of 1 small stick)

Total cost: 70 cents (NZ) or 56 cents (US)

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