Photo Clock Theme Ideas

Here are some photo clock ideas for making the most of the photo clock craft project.
If you're making a photo clock to give to someone you could install it on a wall in their house or mount the whole clock on a large sheet of corflute (it's the plastic corrugated card they make real estate agent's signs from).

Photo Clock Theme Ideas

New Baby Photo Clock: Get the borders printed at your local photo shop in a "New Baby" theme and use scrapbooking embellishments like booties to decorate the hands of the photo clock

Christmas Photo Clock: Gather together all your Christmases past; print the photos with red and green frames and spray paint your clock hands red and greeen - or go for all out glam and make them gold. Cover the clock mechanism box in gift wrap and put a bow on it - gifted!

21st (or 30th, or 40th...) Birthday Photo Clock: Get together all their embarrasing moments and print out the top 12. Using scrapbooking letters spell out their name in the middle of the clock with some birthday wishes and listen to everyone giggle as they chck the time throughout the night...and the next few months!

Wedding Anniversary Photo Clock: Get together their original wedding portraits, baby photos of all the children, grandchildren, their first house, first car and honeymoon shots and make a photo clock that tells the story of a life together - cute! Tie a pair of (plastic) wedding rings together and mount them on the wall under their names (use scrapbooking letters or paint onto the background/wall).

Pets Photo Clock: Some of us are just MAD about our furry babies (we can't help it - they're CUTE!). Suprise your pet lover with a clock of all their furry babies and go the whole hog (pardon the pun) and cover the clock hands in faux fur too.

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