Reusable Sandwich Bag

I'm loving the idea of making reusable sandwich bags. I use plastic containers but it gets difficult to stick them all into the lunch box whereas this sandwich bag slides neatly into the lunhcbox and folds up after use. Wash them with your dishes and leave to dry overnight on the dishrack.

Make an Eco-Friendly Sandwich Bag and save money too!

To make the sandwich bag you will need:

  • 25cm width of plastic or oil cloth (I used plastic tablecloth from Spotlight)
  • Matching thread

1. Measure out a 43cm x 16cm rectangle of the plastic sheeting

2. Fold up 17cm of the plastic and sew together using a blanket stitch on your sewing machine or by hand. You could also use a tight zig zag stitch on the sewing machine. Sew around the top section of the bage too.

Sew right around the edges of the bag, joining the base and sewing around the lid
3. Fold down the top to make a lid and attach a couple velcro dots if you wish.

Sewing around the edges of the bag

The finished sandwich bag - it would look far more impressive if I made a sadnwich first!!

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