Christmas Gift Ideas: Soap Making

Handmade soaps make great gifts this Christmas with the added bonus they're low carb and fat free so they suit anyone! Experiment with  ingredients you can find in your kitchen like oats, honey, coconut or milk powder to add some extra luxury to your gift soaps or make baby soaps in ice cube trays for cute guest soaps. 

To make these Christmas gift soaps you will need:

  • Soap base
  • Food colouring or soap colouring (optional)
  • Soap scents
  • Extras such as oats, coconut etc.
  • Silicone or soap mould (silicone moulds are the easiest to get the soap out of)

I used Henrietta Natural Soap Base. 

 Into a bowl I added: 1 cup of soap base, a small sachet of  oats and some vanilla-cinnamon soap fragrance. 

 Slowly pour in some boiling water and stir the ingredients together until they bind well. 

Push into the silcone soap or candle molds or, using wet hands, mould into a soap shape

Leave to dry overnight in warm, dry place such as an airing cupboard or in a warm, sunny room.

Remove the soap from the mold and leave to dry for 2-3 more days until the soap is fully hardened. 

Put into paper bags or wrap in tissue and decorate with some siler organze for an extra special hand crafted Christmas gift.

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