Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

A tree-load of Christmas gifts in white, gold and brown just waiting for the 25th
More gift wrapping ideas for wrapping your Christmas presents....

Cheap store-bought Christmas wrap is great but it lacks that something special you want for that gift that took you forever to make/buy/find online. Plain brown wrapping paper is durable (read: child proof!) and easy to decorate. If you want your tree to look super awesome Christmas morning try wrapping all your gifts in the same colours and wow the family before it's all torn to shreds by breakfast. 

1. Put your gift into a box; whether it's fabric, clothing, a toy, ceramics - pretty much anything - if you put it into a box it will be a hundred times easier to wrap.  Start hoarding old cereal, cookie and shoe boxes so you have a stash and fill in any gaps with plastic bags, bubble wrap or tissue.

Use old boxes for your gifts to make wrapping easier

2. Stick the first bit of the wrap to the box with tape; this will hold the paper in place while you wrap

Secure the start of your gift wrap with tape
3. Fold over the edge before you stick it down for a neater finish and use double sided tape (or roll over some single-sided tape like I did)

Doubled isded tape will make your wrapped gifts looks super professional
4. This will give you an "invisible" finish like this:

Invisible seams on my gift wrap
5. Fold in the edges starting with the sides...

Oh! the paper changed color! lol

6. Then fold down the top and bottom folding over the last edge and securing with double sided-tape

If you have too much paper at the ends trim it - the gift will look much neater

7. And you have more "invisible" edges...

Completed gift wrap

8. And here are some ideas for dressing up your wrapped gifts...

Dried citrus fruit (cut into thin slices and dry in your airing upboard for a few weeks until fully dried)
Gold and silver bells tied on with ribbon
Use some lace or a doiley as a stencil and spray with metallic paint...
...or grab a paint brush and flick some acrylic paint over the parcel a la Jackson Pollock
Use your gold-painted lace (that you were using as a stencil) and stick it onto another parcel
Tie on a pair of candy canes, some chocolates or candies
Curl up a heap of curling ribbon and stick into the centre of the parcel topped with a Christmas decoration
Old earrings make great gift decorations, use them to clip your ribbon into a bow and hold it in place

Crisp white satin ribbon looks great on a neutral background and a little gold thread adds sparkle
Grosgrain ribbon with button trim; you can sew the buttons to the ribbon or just glue them on with a hot glue gun
A gold poinsiette with curled gold ribbon; curl the ribbon by running a plastic ruler along the egde - it's safer than using scissors and wont rip the ribbon

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