Fruity Christmas Punch Ice Ring

This makes a great addition to the punch bowl this Christmas and wont melt as fast as a bag of ice cubes meaning your favourite drink will still pack a...punch!

To make this Christmas Punch Ice Ring You will Need:

A plastic ring shaped cake mold
Fruit such as lemons, limes, oranges and berry fruit
Fresh mint leaves

 1. Pour a 2cm layer of water into the ice ring mold and arrange the fruit and mint leaves, they'll float to the top but don't worry about that.

2. Place into the freezer making sure the mold is level and freeze until solid (about 2-4 hours)

3. Once frozen remove the mold from the freezer and top up with water. Return to the freezer until frozen.

Simple Punch Recipe

1 Litre of tea (I like lemon and ginger tea)
1 Litre of tropical fruit juice
1 Litre of lemonade
1 Litre of soda water
1 Litre alcohol (such as rum, vodka or bubbly), optional
Juice of two limes

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