Getting Christmassy - "Mrs Santa Apron"

I'm not so bonkers as to make an entire Mrs Santa outfit (as much as I'm tempted to) so this little apron allows me to indulge my inner Christmas without looking completely mad...hopefully. I've also learnt to be very careful when working with fur because it's really easy to leave pins behind! I didn't use a pattern so I'll do my best to describe how I did it. 

Ok Christmas - I'm ready for ye'

I used red cotton fabric for the apron and the lining. If you're more clever and less messy than me you could use a patterned fabric for the lining and make the aprion reversable.  For the trim I used white faux fur trim which I cut in half for the top and pockets and left whole for the waistband

1. I started with two squares of fabric that measured half my waistband (this way you can scale it to suit your figure) and rounded off the corners at the bottom

Another late night project so the photos aren't the best - I need floodlights in the living room

2. Cut out two half circles for the pockets (I traced around a small bowl from the kitchen), stitch on some fur trim  and sew the pockets onto one of the pieces of fabric.

Pinning on the pockets; this is one time the stitching will actually show so make it pretty

3. Pin your two pieces together with the pockets facing inwards, sew around three sides (leave the top open) and flip out and iron flat.

4. Cut out two long strips of fabric (as long as you can make them) and about 8cm wide. Fold in half and iron then pin onto the edge of the apron to make the frills. Sew in place. 

Pinning on the frill, fold each pleat and pin it into place
5. Cut out a waist band, 4cm thick and as long as the width of your apron and stitch onto the open end of the apron.

5. Cut out the shape for the top. I started with a square and folded it in half and drew on the heart shape; cut out two shapes so you have one for the lining. 

The top after the fur is stitched on, I sewed the neckband on afterwards and then realised I should have done it first - doh!

6. Cut out a strip of fabric for the neck tie, 4 cm wide and about 30-40cm long (measure with a measuring tape to see where you want the top to sit), fold in half, sew and flip inside out and iron. Pin the band to the top of the apron and sew in place. You can be as messy as you like becasue the fur trim hides the stitches (fur trim fixes everything!!)

7. Pin the fur trim onto the top and stitch on.

8. Pin the top to the bottom of the apron and stitch on.

Remember to pin the top with the front facing inwards

9. Make two more bands like you did for the neck band; these will be the ties. Pin them to the waistband and stitch on; be as messy as you like becasue the fur hides all the stitching

10. Sew the fur onto the waistband and admire your handiwork (and the tufts of faux fur floating around the lounge...)

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