How to Make a Pillowcase

Inspired by vintage hotel postcards this quilting fabric is super chic!

 Quick Pillowcase Tutorial

I found some gorgeous quilting fabric in Spotlight that cost a fortune but my brother fell in love with it so I've created this quick pillowcase tutorial for making a case with a more expensive fabric on the front and a cheaper cotton on the back to stretch the budget further.

I'm loving this passpot stamp-printed fabric; one day my passport will look like this!!

This is super easy to sew and great for novices on the sewing machine, it's also a perfect Christmas present for the backpacker, globetrotter or off-to-college male that you have no idea what to buy.

To make the pillowcase you will need:

  • A 50cm x 74cm piece of patterned fabric
  • A 50cm x 90cm piece of plain fabric backing (such as cotton lawn or poplin)
  • Matching cotton thread

1. Cut out two pieces of fabric and hem one of the shorter ends on the plain piece and one on the patterned piece

Hem one end of each of the fabric pieces for the opening of the pillowcase
2. Pin together the two pieces of fabric, pattern side inwards, and fold over the hemmed end on the plain piece back over the plain fabric and leave this end open

Fold back the excess fabric on the long piece and stitch down when you do the edges - it will make a little pocket at the opening to cover the end of your pillow

3. Stitch around the other three sides with a straight stitch and trim if necessary (depending on how wonky your cutting was...)

4. Zig zag stitch on the very edge of the fabric pieces to prevent the fabric from fraying

Stop the edges of the pillowcase from fraying by using a zig zag stitch on the edges

5. Flip the pillowcase in the right way and iron; admire your amazing sewing skills!

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