Last Minute Gifts You can buy from the Supermarket

Here's my ultimate guide to putting together last minute Christmas gifts with whatever you can find in (most) supermarkets - let the Christmas Chaos Begin!!!

For the domestic goddess, baking addict or cupcake lover:

From the gift card aisle grab:

A large colored box, gift bag or basket
Gift tag or card
Packet of crepe paper or tissue
Cellophane and curling ribbon (if you found a box without a lid or a basket)

Head to the baking aisle and get:

2-3 boxed cake mixes
1 packet of large patterned cupcake cases
1 packet of mini cupcake cases
Tub of ready made icing
Pretty sprinkles (think cute shapes that match the cupcake cases)
A muffin tin and a cake tin

Scrunch up the tissue and line the base of the box or bag and arrange the rest inside, remember to remove any price tags! Scribble a "Merry Christmas" on the gift tag.Wrap in cellophane if needed and tie with curling ribbon.

For the traveller, gym junkie or 'smelly things' lover:

Head to the toiletries aisle and grab:

A toilet bag
A wash puff in a matching colour to the toilet bag
A set of little shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and shaving foam (for boys)
A posh razor and blades (for boys)
A nice looking bar of soap

In the card aisle grab:
Tissue to match the toilet bag
Gift card to match the toilet bag

The key is to make sure all the colors you use go together to make your gift bag look super posh so stick to the colours of the toilet bag as a guideline.
Scrunch up the tissue to line the bag and arrange the rest inside (the puff will help pad it all out too), write on the card and tie it to the zip on the bag. Wrap if you have the time...

For the new home owner or the about to leave home teen:

Head to the toiletries/manchester aisle and grab:

2 large bath or spa towels
2 flannels
2 hand towels
1 bath mat

Run past the confectionery aisle and grab a cute little box of chocolates

Head to the card aisle and get a 2-3 metre roll of organza (fabric) ribbon in a complimentary colour and a matching gift card. 

Stack the towels neatly (fold them so the edges are all facing in and the labels can't be seen) from largest to smallest at the top and wrap the organza around them. Tie the ribbon once, place the box of chocolates on top and tie the ribbon into a bow around the chocolates. Write on the card with a crayon you "borrowed" off the screaming kid in aisle 10 and tuck the card under the ribbon. 

You can also do this with a couple nice serving dishes and some tea towels, use the tea towels to wrap around the dishes then stack them up and wrap with the ribbon as you would for the bath towels. 

For the BBQ Addict or next Gordon Ramsay:

Head to the aisle with the stocks and sauces and grab:
The flashest looking bottles of Balsamic vinegar, Olive oil (preferably an infused variety), barbecue sauce and some other random gourmet sauce

As you shoot down the baking aisle look for an apron (crisp white and starched is best) or a stack of tea towels

Run down the wine aisle and grab a poncy looking red and white on special or an uber chic bottle of micro brewery beer

Sprint to the card aisle and grab a gift bag, tag, organza ribbon and tissue

Wrap the apron/ tea towels in tissue and tie some of the ribbon around them, wrap some tissue around the bottles so they don't "clunk" in the bag then place them all into the gift bag, tie shut with ribbon, scribble on the card and dash to the BBQ dinner with a relieved nonchalance. 

For the Bookworm or relative about to spend three weeks by the fire at a ski resort (and 16 hours on a plane):
Head the magazine aisle and grab:
a Sudoku book
a crossword book
a general puzzle magazine
their preferred women's or men's interest magazine
a random paperback novel 

From the gift card aisle get:
a gift bag
as gift card or tag 

Then run down to the stationery aisle for: 
a nice looking pen
a packet of cute pencils 
a notepad 

Shoot past confectionery and grab a bag of marshmallows and run down the tea/coffee aisle for a packet of gourmet-looking hot chocolate and their favourite tea or coffee. 

Stuff the bottom of the bag with tissue and biff everything else in, scribble on the card with one of the pens you just bought and race home.

For the annoying bastard who has everything and seems to want nothing:

Grab a couple DVDs from a stand - go for whatever is new (they'll have all the rest)
Run down the snack aisle and get: 
several different flavors of microwave popcorn 
a bag of plain ready popped popcorn
a couple packets of his/her favourite sweets 
or a block of chocolate

Shoot through to the card aisle and grab: 
a gift bag
a gift tag

Put the DVDs, candy, chocolate and popcorn into the bag then open the packet of popped popcorn and sprinkle it into the bag (it gives packing popcorn a whole new meaning!) and scribble "Merry Christmas you pain in the ass" on the card with the checkout girls' pen as you sprint from the shop.

For the I-Only-Have-Two-Minutes-to-Get-Something Moment:

Run to the wine aisle, grab the most expensive looking bottle of bubbly you can see, grab a wine gift bag while you're there then run down the bulk bin aisle and grab a handful of loose wrapped chocolates (nice ones not those crappy funny tasting ones). If you have time, look for a set of wine charms or one of those wine bottle stoppers no one uses.

Pull off all the tags while you wait at the checkout and take the wine charms/bottle stopper out of the "Bargain Budget Buy" wrapper and scribble "Merry Cmnxdkjfh...." on the wine bag tag. In the car, put the wine bottle and charms/bottle stopper in the bag then pour in all the loose chocolates to fill the bag, grab it by the handles and stroll into your bosses' impromptu birthday party with the ease and grace of one who is so organised and creative...

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