Make an Allergy Friendly Advent Calendar

Make an advent calendar so simple event the kids can get involved! 

Make an advent calendar that's great for kids with allergies

Here's a really quick idea for an advent calendar that uses your own candy or treats - great if your child has an allergy to chocolate, dairy or sugar.

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To make this advent calendar you will need:

About 1 metre of ribbon
2 craft buttons
Craft glue or hot glue gun
24 mini pegs
24 candies
Blank stickers or scrap booking numbers

1. Glue a button onto one end of the ribbon; this will make it easier to hang up the advent calendar by putting a pin through the button hole or sticking blu tack to the button

Gluing the button onto the end of the advent calendar

2. Thread the mini pegs onto the ribbon

To make it easier to thread on the pegs; dab a little glue onto the end of the ribbon to stop it fraying
 3. Write out your numbers on some adhesive paper or use ready-made number stickers (try a scrap booking store) and stick them onto each of the pegs

You can use any candy on this advent calendar - I chose these mints for their red and green - colored wrappers

4. Peg on your candies and hang your advent calendar on the wall - easy!

Allergy friendly advent calendar

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