How to Make Chocolate Curls

Chocolate curls can be a tricky little garnish to master but look great on a chocolate mousse, cheesecake or cake.

To Make the Chocolate Curls you will need:

100g milk or dark chocolate melts
100g white chocolate melts
Palette knife
Long bladed knife

Chefs knife and a small palette knife with a flat blade

Melt the two chocolates separately on a double boiler (take care not to let any steam or water get into the chocolate) or place the melts into heatproof mugs and microwave on a medium heat 30 seconds at a time, stirring well, until they are 80% melted then stir well until the chocolate finishes melting.

Melting the chocolate in the microwave is quick and easy but be careful not to overheat it

 Spread the chocolates onto a clean bench or, if you have one, slab of cool marble, and spread out evenly with a palette knife. Leave to harden.

Use a palette knife to make the surface flatter for making your chocolate curls

Scrape a knife blade over the chocolate to make curled shavings. Experiment with the angle of the knife blade to get the curls right.

Scrape the surface of the chocolate to make the curls

Use chocolate curls to decorate your masterpieces

Chocolate mousse decorated with whipped cream, nutmeg and chocolate curls

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