Make Your Own Valentines Candy Card

This cute and super easy to make candy card is a great homemade gift for your Valentine, best friend, neighbour...share the love!

Valentines Candy Heart Card

To make this Valentines Candy Card you will need:

  • An old gift card or some cardboard
  • A piece of clear plastic acetate (OHT sheet)
  • Ribbon or cord
  • Hole punch
  • Candy! Use something non-sticky, non-melty and small; jelly beans work great!

Valentines Heart Candy Card Instructions:

Cut 'n paste the template and print it off

Trace the template onto the card and the clear plastic and cut out one of each

This is a great project for reusing old cards

Put your Valentines message on the front with stick-on letters or a waterproof marker

Add your valentines message to the candy heart with scrapbooking letters

Lay the clear plastic over the card and punch a series of holes around the edge about 1cm apart

Line up the plastic and card hearts each time you punch a hole for the best results

Thread some ribbon or cord around the edges to "sew" the layers together leaving a gap at the top

Loop the ribbon through the bottom of the hearts from the back

Flip over and start "sewing" the layers together

Fill with candy and "sew" up the rest of the candy heart tying the ends of the ribbon into a bow or tie the ends together to make a loop so you can hang the heart or your loved one's locker, front door handle etc.

Use candy that matches your card pattern for a super co-ordinated look

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