How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

I do my best to avoid plastic bags but they have their uses so I use this plastic bag holder for storing them neatly until they're ready for reuse. Here's an easy plastic bag holder you can make with the bare minimum of sewing skills.

Chicken egg basket print cotton - perfect for kitchen sewing!
To Make the Plastic Bag Holder you will need:

40cm x 45cm piece of fabric - cotton prints are easiest to sew
6cm x 20cm piece of fabric for the hanger
Two 20cm lengths of 1cm (or less) elastic
Matching cotton thread

Fold over a 2cm hem on each of the short ends and sew down with a straight stitch

Make a large hem at each end of the plastic bag holder to leave room for the elastic to go through

Place a pin on each end of the elastic, pin one end to the start of the hem and use the pin on the other end to thread the elastic through the hem.

A safety pin in the end of the elastic makes it easier to thread through the hem
Pin the elastic into place until you sew it together.
Do the same for the hem at the other end

If the elastic is thin enough you can knot it to hold it in place until you sew up the sides of the plastic bag holder
 Roll the fabric into a tube, pattern side in, and sew together using a straight stitch and a zig zag to stop the fabric fraying. Make sure you sew over the elastic at each end to hold it in place.

The plastic bag holder all pinned and ready to be sewn together

Make a hanging loop by sewing a 6cmx10cm tube of fabric together, pattern side in. Turn in the right way and iron flat. Sew to the top of the plastic bag holder.

Et voila!

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