Kitchen Gadgets Anonymous...

My name is Ange and I have an kitchen gadgets...

Saturday Morning

Me: Husband-man darling...
Husband Man Darling: *sigh* what?
Me: Did you know we send over 300 soda water bottles off to the recycling center every year? We're creating a mini environmental disaster! I think we should do something about it.
HMD: You mean: We should buy another gadget?
Me: Well a Soda Stream Machine would be a great way to precycle and it would pay for itself in three months
HMD: But we need a new FreeView Reciever
Me: You're right we should head to Harvey Norman and look for one...

30 Minutes later at Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman Dude: Sorry, we're out of satellite receivers; the next shipment is in three weeks - but the Soda Stream Machines are on special this weekend!

Sunday Morning

Me: I was going to make a cake for your birthday but my hand mixer is on the blink. What I could really do with is a new cake mixer - preferably in red to match that kettle I saw at Harvey Norman yesterday...

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