Random Storage Ideas for Jewellery and Accessories

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Make up, jewellery and shiny things all in big tangled messes throughout the bedroom and bathroom!?
Find some quick, cheap and painless ways to organise your girl treasures today. 

Vase of flowers? Not quite...

 If you're like me and drowning in a few too many accessories (how can I say "no" to shiny things?!) here are some simple, no skills or glue needed, storage ideas...

Coat hangers aren't just for your dresses. Use them to hang your scarves and belts securing awkward ones with clothes pegs or hook your necklaces onto a coat hanger and use clothes pegs as dividers to stop them tangling. 

Hang scarves and necklaces on coat hangers for easy storage
All those little soy sauce dishes and ramekins you've been getting for Christmas can stop collecting dust in the pantry and take pride of place on your dresser making a handy place for you to chuck your earrings, rings and shiny things at the end of the day. I also keep one for random things I find in my pockets at the end of the day and another for spare change - the coffee fund!

This wrought iron candelabra is perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets where I can see them for instant wardrobe inspiration

A wrought iron candelabra makes a dramatic necklace holder
Paper towel holders are great for bangles and bracelets or mount one on the wall inside your wardrobe for belts, scarves and ties. 

Fishing tackle boxes are a crafter's dream and are perfect for squillions of tiny earrings and rings. Of course you can buy "beading" boxes from a craft store but try your local discount store (Walmart, The Warehouse etc) for fishing tackle boxes which do the same job for half the price - love it! 

Fishing tackle boxes are a girl's best friend...

Shoe holders, the fabric kind that hang in your wardrobe, are also perfect for handbags - better yet, you can hang your matching handbags and shoes together for even faster dressing.

Kid's lunchboxes are a dime a dozen at garage sales and flea markets - they seem to go out of fashion much faster than they wear out! Make the most of their easy stackability and use them in your bathroom cabinet for makeup, hair accessories, spare soaps and toiletries and your first aid kit. 

Mismatching pillowcases can be reincarnated as wash bags for your delicates; use an old hair tie to secure the ends. Pillowcases also make great storage bags for your pantyhose (no more snags!) and random special undies you don't need every day. 

Men's suit bags are great for storing special outfits and dresses you don't need everyday - like your school prom dress from 1998...You can also make your own version using an old sheet; fold in half length ways, sit the garment in the middle then fold over the two sides and secure with pins (pin the sheet to itself - not your dress!) and put a couple more pins through the top of the sheet so it stays on the hanger.

No, it's not a vase of artificial flowers, it's my collection of corsages and floral hair clips. The "vase" is a pasta bottle and each corsage is pinned or clipped onto a wooden skewer. Too easy.

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