More Easter Egg Ideas

Using the basic Easter egg making tips fromt he last blog entry here are some easy ideas for making small filled easter eggs. On of my favourite ways to make easter eggs is to put a "yolk" of some kind in the center of them - just like proper marshmallow eggs have. Easter eggs are all about authenticity right?!

Jaffa "Yolk" Easter Eggs

Make a "yolk" in the middle by placing a jaffa (or other round red or orange candy) in the center of one half of your egg.

Flip the half egg out of the mould when set then refill the mould with melted chocolate and place the jaffa half over the top. Leave to set and pop your whole egg out of the mould.

Three-quarters fill the mould with chocolate and place the set jaffa half over the top

Completed jaffa Easter eggs

Hazelnut Easter Eggs

Using the same method as the Jaffa yolk Easter eggs you can use whole hazelnuts in milk chocolate

Milk and Dark "yolk" Easter Eggs

These are super easy to make but look very impressive when you bite them in half and see the dark chocolate middle. You could make half one way (white insdie dark) and half the other way (dark inside white) and scatter them over a chocolate cake for a very impressive Easter dessert!

Fill the egg mould with white (or dark) melted chocolate then sit a chocolate button in a contrasting color on the top. Leave to set and unmold. 

Stick the two halves together with melted chocolate

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