My Top 5 Seasonal Craft Projects

Some More Craft Ideas...

Daylight savings has ended along with long, sunny evenings that stretch into 11 at night where one could relax by the BBQ and try not to get eaten by mosquitoes. Now it's time for hearty winter soups, chopping logs of wood for the "romantic" but ever so time consuming fireplace and thinking about another year's worth of craft projects to make in the long, cold evenings.

There's no need to be grumpy because summer's over...
But...for everyone else above the equator it's spring time! Fresh fruit and vegetables! Flowers! Sunshine! The promise of a long, hot summer despite that fact you're enduring your third week straight of rain...

Here are my Top 5 Spring and Autumn Craft Ideas to keep everyone on both ends of the planet happy :-)

My Top 5 Spring Projects:

1. Grab an Easy-Sew pattern from McCalls or Butterick and whip up your first summer frock with some of the great, and easy to sew with, cotton prints.
2. If you're planning or helping with a wedding this summer now's the time to get your project list started. Check out these tips from DIY Wedding Crafts for choosing a wedding theme and the Ten Best Wedding Planning Tips - ever.
3. With summer entertaining just around the corner get in some platter-making practise and you'll be the Queen of the Kitchen - with plenty of time left to have fun!

Wait a minute...those artificial flowers all have brooch pins on them!
4. Have a Spring clean of your wardrobe and accessories to make room for all the new stuff you're going to make! Donate the things you don't need to your local charity shop and check this post on organising your accessories.
5. With berries nearly in season you won't have to wait much longer to try this chocolate-dipped strawberry tutorial.

Chocolate + Strawberries = YUM

My Top 5 Autumn Projects:

1. Grab some boring cheap throws and get creative with this appliqued throw project; makes a great gift for the first friend to go down with the dreaded 'flu
2. Make the most of in-season apples and pears with a hearty fruit crumble served with a generous dollop of Greek yogurt -makes the cooler evenings that much more bearable!
3. Leave the old puffa jacket at home when you go out and make yourself this simple shrug from a silky, lined throw - it's like taking your blankie out with you! 

Once you've made the shrug check out the fur muff pattern
 4. Light up the winter evenings with some home made candles made from recycled candle wax - grab an old steamer pot this candle making project is easier than you think. 
5. With the real flowers fading fast this cute corsage will give you a burst of flower power to your winter outfits whatever the weather.

Flower corsage brooch made from recycled tatted lace - time to raid grandma's sewing box!

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