Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Idea

Here's a cute way to wrap your Mother's Day gift this year

Source some cotton print fabric from your local craft or quilting store; a fat quarter will do most gifts. Remember to allow for much more fabric than you would for gift wrap as it tends to be more see through. 

Make a unique Mothers Day gift by wrapping it in print fabric and securing with ribbon and a cute button
Try matching the fabric to your gift; this "tea" print fabric would be great wrapped around a mug filled with herbal tea bags. 
Source some spring bulbs and wrap them in a floral print fabric. 
A homemade jam or chutney would look great in one of the many berry-print cottons around
Wrap a piece of jewellery in some shimmery sequined fabric. 

If you're using a non-cotton fabric like a polyester satin or something shiny and delicate, cut the fabric with pinking shears (they make a zig zag pattern as they cut) to prevent that fabric fraying as you wrap your gift. 

For this cute Mother's Day Gift Wrap you'll need:

  • A fat quarter or enough fabric to wrap your gift
  • A couple small safety pins
  • Some fabric ribbon to match your fabric; try satin, organza or grosgrain ribbon
  • A button, needle and thread

First, roll your gift up lengthwise in the fabric leaving a couple inches at the end

Remember to iron the fabricbefore you wrap your Mother's Day Gift!

Fold in the sides then finish rolling up the fabric.
Secure with a couple safety  pins while you tie on the ribbon.
You can play around with the wrapping as, unlike paper gift wrap, it doesn't matter if the fabric crinkles - just give it a quick iron and start again - I love foolproof ideas!

Fold in the cut edge of the fabric at the end to avoid the fabric fraying
 Finish by sewing a button onto the bow or try sewing a row of coloured buttons along the ribbon.
If you're in a hurry just glue on the button with a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

This Mother's Day gift is so cute I want one too!
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