Happy Valentines Day!

10 ways to celebrate V-Day when you're not sitting around waiting for your BF to give you a half-dead bunch of flowers...

"I'd love to hear more about your tragic boyfriend but I'm on a date with my loved one - me!"

1. Make someone a candy card. Valentines are for everyone - especially  when they're made of candy

2. Round up your gal pals for a night in with a retro fun dinner, plenty of choccies, champagne and movies or XBox

3. Impress yourself - and your mates - with an amazing dessert like berry cheesecake in chocolate hearts

Too good to share - Chocolate Hearts with Berry Cheesecake

4. Make someone else's V-Day with some homemade fudge - whip up a batch for your workmates, best friends or flat mates' lunches

5. Indulge yourself with an in home spa; throw on a face masque, give yourself a mani and pedi, pour a glass of champers and nibble on some chocolate-dipped strawberries

One for me and...another one for me!
6. Make a batch of fortune cookies with fun love predictions or motivational messages for your mates

7. Put on some of your favourite music, light some candles, fill the bath - and relax knowing you don't have to dress up and wear uncomfortable heels all night!

8. Do a good deed for a complete stranger; open a door, help carry shopping to someone's car, put a coin in an expired parking meter, smile at everyone you meet and mentally wish them a fabulous day...the more you do the better you'll feel :-)

9. Ring / FaceBook an old friend you haven't heard from sonce forever and have good ol' catch up

10. Offer to babysit your friends' kids - they'll be eternally grateful for the night off and you'll be so thankful you don't have a bunch of screaming kids at your place 24/7!!

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