Ange Marsden

My name is Ange Marsden,

I'm a writer, blogger and crafter based in Nelson, New Zealand.

I've been crafting and DIY-ing for over 10 years. In my teens I used to spend all year designing and making Christmas decorations for public open homes to raise money for the SPCA in Canterbury. From stained glass gingerbread houses to Morrocan-themed trees to a working candy factory in the living room and a life size nativity complete with live ducks on the front lawn I truly went mad over the DIY challenges of Christmas decorations.

My DIY philosophy is that projects should be as simple, cheap and stress-free as possible and made as far as possible in advance so the day of the event can actually be enjoyed!

I love DIY for its opportunity to express yourself and don’t limit myself to one “hobby”; I love to cook, paint, sew, renovate houses and fix cars. In a single weekend my DIY list could include repairing a belly dancing costume, changing spark plugs , fixing a cupboard door and making nibbles for 20 guests for dinner. 

At Creative You! I hope to inspire you with projects for anniversary parties, birthdays, Christmas and weddings. You're only limited by your imagination and, contrary to what you might think, the less you have to work with, the more creative your ideas will be. 

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